G-SHOCK Adds An ’80s-Inspired Laser-Cut Grid To Its All-Metal Watch

Casio G-SHOCK’s ability to recreate and reimagine its entire catalog of watches is unparalleled, and there’s seemingly no end to the original concepts that the company can apply to their current lineup. This laser-carved GMW-B5000, for example, is another interesting take on the 1980s silhouette, paying homage (albeit, subtly) to Casio’s retro-futuristic roots.

The G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 Laser-Carved Grid watch is a near-all-black example that garners its shadowy persona from unique ion plating — a metallic design material that further deviates from the original’s plastic finish. But what makes the timekeeper stand out from its peers is the addition of a video game-inspired, laser-etched grid pattern on its exterior, referencing a connection between the past and future. To keep in-line with its premium persona, the company has also added a multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, resin-based cushioning for increased shock resistance, and Tough Solar, gifting the GMW-B5000 with off-grid charging capabilities. Bluetooth connectivity also comes standard. Head over to Casio’s website to learn more about the laser-etched watch, which is slated to retail for an estimated $875.

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