Casio Brings Back A ‘70s Classic With A New Version Of The ‘Alien’ Watch

For a film franchise that takes place in the distant future, Alien sure has a high level of notoriety for its vintage watches. The most famous is wedge car maestro Giorgetto Giugiaro’s chronograph design for Seiko that was worn by Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley in 1986’s Aliens, but fellow Japanese watchmaker Casio also has its fans thanks to the F100 digital watch that was donned by Ripley (and others) in the first Alien film in 1979. Now, Casio is reviving the F100 as the new A100, and it’ll surely be a hit among retro sci-fi buffs.

For Alien, the film’s props department mounted two F100 watch heads side by side on a single strap, making for some futuristic-looking wrist gear. The new A100 isn’t based on that specific movie version, but on the original F100, an early example of a digital watch from the 1970s. The new version of the watch is part of Japanese Casio’s Casio Classic collection, and it looks an awful lot like the original with its retro color-coded front-facing buttons. The watch is loaded with complications including an alarm, chronograph, day/date, and an LED indicator, and the bracelet has been upgraded to stainless steel. Best of all the A100 is priced at just $90, which is pretty stellar for a retro-cool piece of sci-fi movie history.

Purchase: $90