Case Astronaut M-1 Knife

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the Moon, Case has recreated the original knife NASA requested for their famed mission. The Case Astronaut M-51 Knife was crafted to be almost exactly the same as the original blade NASA flew to the Moon in the Apollo and Gemini mission’s spacecraft.

The original blade traveled through the serene darkness of space and back a whopping nine times, so it had to be built for ultimate exploration. The 17-inch Astronaut M-1 Knife is just as tough as the original with an 11.75-inch heavy gauge stainless steel machete blade and two rows of razor sharp saw teeth. The knife also has a resilient white synthetic handle held together with genuine brass pins and a special embellished tang stamp, commemorating man’s first steps on the Moon on July 20, 1969. You can get the Astronaut M-51 for $233 with shipment in April or $399 with shipment in May if you would like it to come in a display-worthy shadow box.

Purchase: $233