Casca Utilizes 20k Data Points To 3D-Print Insoles To Fit Your Feet Perfectly

Nov 18, 2019

Category: Style

Though it might sound crazy, the human foot is actually more unique than a fingerprint. And that means, if you want a sneaker that fits you perfectly, it is going to require a lot more than a simple fitting to get it right. But that’s why the folks at Casca have emerged to offer absurdly-precise, custom-fit, 3D-printed sneaker insoles made to suit your feet exactly.

Founded by Kevin Reid — a former Adidas and New Balance collaborator — and Braden Parker, Casca is dedicated to a holistic approach to footwear. As such, their system hinges on an unrivaled customization experience using the brand’s app to 3D-model your feet via a whopping 20,000 individual data points — resulting in a proprietary, custom FootB3D insole made precisely for you. From there, you simply have to choose between a waterproof leather or knit upper, a black or gray colorway, and the appropriate size. Better still, Casca is also dedicated to eliminating all excess waste by offering 100% custom-fit shoes in-house by 2029. For now, the brand only offers one model, the Avro, but they’re likely to expand their lineup with more options soon. Pricing starts at $178 plus $50 for the custom footbeds.

Purchase: $178+

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