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Casala’s Sound-Absorbing ‘Capsule’ Is The Perfect Social Distancing Chair

As shops, restaurants, and offices begin to reopen following the COVID pandemic, social distancing is still a primary concern. For many close-cropped work areas, the ability to isolate oneself from colleagues, peers, and clients might be difficult. But thanks to Casala’s “Capsule” — a sound-absorbing furniture piece designed by Kateryna Sokolova — protected social environments are entirely possible.

The Casala Capsule isn’t necessarily new. It was released over a year ago as a part of the company’s interesting new isolation line. But, due to the current state of the world, it has once again reemerged, announcing its presence among a handful of the genre’s less-conscious options. Like a cocoon, the Capsule wraps around its user in a cylindrical manner and features a unique acoustic-absorbing upholstery that promotes an unimpeded work environment. Aside from blocking out unwanted noise and other distractions often associated with chaotic work areas, it also provides a somewhat-enclosed space that can be directed away from other individuals, allowing users to work, eat, or meditate in peace. Head to Casala’s website to inquire about the solid oak Capsule for your own workspace, office, or living area.

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