Carry On Cocktail Kit

Nov 13, 2014

Category: Food, Vices

If you’ve ever been stuck on a plane from hell, with lengthy delays, screaming babies, and an abundance of funk emanating from the man sharing your armrest, you know the need for a stiff drink can be a strong one.

The Carry On Cocktail Kit will undoubtedly make your airborne misery a little easier to deal with, as this package gives you everything you need to concoct two tasty Old Fashioned cocktails. Now you will need the stewardess to hook you up with some bourbon, but once you have that you’re set. Just use the custom combination bar spoon-muddler to mix in the included cane sugar and small-batch bitters, and you’ll be the envy of anyone who notices you. It all comes in a neat little tin, with a recipe card and linen coaster inside. [Purchase]

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