Dominate The Trails With Carlex’s Mercedes X-Class Roof Rack

If you have a love affair with the outdoors, chances are that you’ve already outfitted your vehicle with an all-purpose rack system. Whether you’re looking to carry a kayak or two to the nearest river, pack up some surfboards for a day at the beach, or create your very own rooftop abode, rack manufacturers have you covered. But what happens when you own a Mercedes X-Class pickup and traditional offerings just aren’t good enough? Don’t worry — Carlex Design has you covered.

Carlex is an industry staple when it comes to the creation of insane body modifications, and the company’s newly announced StyleRack — made by the tuner’s Pickup Design division — is no exception. This high-strung rack system is both durable and aesthetically-adept, bringing a burly carbon steel design, powder-coated pipes, and aluminum covers to the conventional bike carrier. If it seems like it’s a bit too high for your liking, Carlex has implemented an electric lifting system with a central linear actuator, allowing buyers to stow three 20-kilogram bikes atop the X-Class with ease. For around $5,610, you can outfit your own Mercedes X-Class with this one-of-a-kind contraption, so head over to the manufacturer’s site for more information.

Purchase: $5,610