Carhartt Unleashes A Limited-Edition Military-Inspired Espresso Machine

A finely-crafted cup of artisanal espresso can give a drab and dreary day just the right amount of “oomph.” As a staple of the early-morning aficionado, this warm, robust beverage has aided many a mind in the pursuit of greatness, and now, the street-indebted outfit at Carhartt WIP has joined forces with Rocket Espresso Milano to bring coffee drinkers an experiential new machine.

As you might expect, this compact, limited-edition offering stays true to Carhartt’s military-aligned stylings. On the exterior, a subtle olive green shell and stainless steel attachments emphasize the company’s utilitarian mindset, while a custom enamel badge, hot water nozzle, and aesthetically-inclined gauge provide a perfect contrast to the machine’s other adornments. Thanks to the espresso maker’s boiler heat exchanger and double-shot portafilter, you’ll be able to partake in a finely-crafted cup without having to head down to your closest coffee shop, saving you money and time in the grand scheme of things. If you’re looking to procure one of your own, you’re out of luck. Only 100 of the $1,850 examples were produced for the companies’ partnership, and sadly, they’ve all been claimed.

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