Carbon’s 4K Fitness Mirror Brings HIIT & Weightlifting To Your Living Room

Aug 12, 2020

Category: Tech

With at-home fitness devices making greater technical strides in recent years, there’s hardly been a better time to ditch your monthly gym subscription for a more personalized approach to health and wellness. This year alone, companies have pushed the boundaries when it comes to groundbreaking training, and Carbon hopes to capitalize on that trend with its recently-announced Fitness Mirror.

While the idea of a fitness mirror isn’t too novel, Carbon’s unique offering is one of the more robust that we’ve seen. Instead of focusing primarily on resistance and bodyweight exercises, this fitness mirror takes heavier lifts into account, observing your form through 3D motion tracking, and coaching you to a healthier lifestyle. Think of it as a personal trainer without all the commitments and intricacies of an in-person gym membership, allowing users to lift, grow, and progress on their own terms. Of course, there’s still a suite of optimized features that will allow owners to partake in on-demand classes, live, one-on-one training sessions, and group activities, should they vie for a more social environment. The best part? All of this is tech has been packed into the company’s slim 43″ 4K LCD touchscreen display, making it a prime candidate for smaller areas, rooms, or apartments where space is an issue. Head to Carbon’s Indiegogo to pick up one of your own for $1,195.

Indiegogo: $1,195

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