This Carbon-Neutral Tesla Matchbox Car Is Made From 99% Recycled Materials

With the automotive industry inching ever-closer towards a sustainable future, we’re seeing more and more carmakers roll out ambitious initiatives pledging full electrification within the coming years. As it turns out, Mattel has been taking notes, because it’s committed to using “100% recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastic materials” across the entirety of its Matchbox range by 2030.

Beginning with this one. That’s right, the Tesla Roadster you see before you is the world’s first die-cast model to be made from 99% recycled materials and certified carbon-neutral. In practice, this means that its footprint has been completely offset with carbon credits for grassland preservation in Colorado and Montana. What’s more, its packaging is 100% plastic-free, built using a combination of FSC-certified paper and wood fiber materials. But the best part is that as Mattel continues to introduce these eco-friendly offerings into its lineup, it’ll also include labeled How2Recycle guides explaining the proper disposal of e-waste and the recycling of product packaging. The Roadster will be available starting 2022, but you can learn more in the meantime at the link below.

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