Carbon Flyer Crash-Proof Drone

This thing may look like the paper airplanes you used to make during class, but that’s where the similarities stop. Carbon Flyer is the world’s first ever carbon fiber constructed drone.

Carbon fiber is strong, real strong. It’s also lightweight. In fact it’s 10 times stronger than aluminum and 100 times the strength to weight ratio of steel. And when the team applied this construction material to a Bluetooth controlled drone, the end result was a nearly indestructible RC plane. The crew put this material to the test, slamming into the side of buildings and concrete surfaces over a dozen times at high speeds. The Carbon Flyer is equipped with twin high output motors, LED running lights, and on-board camera that streams video right to your Android or iOS mobile device, up to 240 feet away. The app allows you to control air speed, altitude, and steering, all with one hand. The drone will hit the retail scene with a sticker price of $149. [Purchase]

Carbon Flyer Crash-Proof Drone 0

Carbon Flyer Crash-Proof Drone 2

Carbon Flyer Crash-Proof Drone 3

Carbon Flyer Crash-Proof Drone 4