Car Transport Bag

Whether you’re packing up your camping gear or sandy beach equipment, trying to take some hazardous materials to be recycled, or just picking up a Christmas tree, there are few things as stress-inducing as trying to prevent your car’s interior from getting messed up. Sure, sand, dirt, and pine needles are easy enough to clean out, but what about paint, tree sap, or oil? One bad corner and the back of your car is in grave danger of permanent damage. That is, unless you’ve fitted it with the Car Transport Bag.

This handy device is much more useful than the blankets, towels, sheets of canvas, or cardboard you may have used in the past. For starters, it’s waterproof and puncture resistant. But so are most tarps, you say. Well, the Car Transport Bag succeeds where tarps fail, too. It’s hooking straps and clamps allow you to completely cover the interior of your vehicle with absolutely no leakage points. So if something does spill, theres no risk that it may run off the cover. And once you’re done, you just release the straps and clamps, pull it out, wipe it off or hose it down, and stash it until you need it again. Pick one up for just $56. [Purchase]

Car Transport Bag 1

Car Transport Bag 2