These Electric Ferry Concepts Could Offer Fully-Autonomous Public Transportation

While there’s no denying that the automotive world’s mounting sustainability efforts are the talk of the town these days, that’s not to say that other industries have been sitting idle. On the contrary, you’ll find with this pair of futuristic public transportation concepts from CAPTN (Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network) that a more eco-friendly future may be just around the corner.

Christened the “Floating Platform” and the “Passage,” they’re a pair of ferries that been designed in cooperation with partners from Kiel University and its University of Applied Sciences. The former sees the final product as a sleek glass enclosure with a dorsal fin and a small outrigger. However, the latter takes a slightly different approach, imagining it as a monorail-like rectangle with a unique lattice exterior. Electric in propulsion and fully autonomous in operation, they’ll provide passengers with transport across the Kiel Fjord that’s quiet, self-piloted, and emission-free. As such, they’ll be able to offer their services 24/7 — a welcome contrast to traditional hourly ferry schedules. At this point, the technical details are limited, but you can follow the project’s progress at the link below.

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