Capcom’s ‘Retro Station’ Comes With 10 Street Fighter & Mega Man Games

There’s a large audience surrounding the retro gaming world, and as such, age-old mainstays like Capcom have continued to capitalize on the nostalgia of buyers with themed releases, including, but not limited to, micro-consoles. While the genre is relatively saturated in terms of throwback devices, the brand has opted to introduce yet another offering under the guise of the “Retro Station.”

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been a record-breaking year for video game companies, making older titles a heavily-highlighted aspect of this season’s most renowned releases. At the heart of these announcements, Capcom’s “Retro Station” takes a pint-sized approach to the recollection of greats like Mega Man and Street Fighter through its small, but bulky build, offering players an eight-inch display, left-oriented joystick, and oversized buttons, invoking feelings of arcade-borne nostalgia. Unlike other models, this unique example will play a predetermined number of games, including Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Mega Man X, Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II, and others from each respective franchise. The catch? Right now, it’s only available in Japan. If you’re a fan of the retro genre and want to add one to your collection, expect to spend well over $210.

Purchase: $210+