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Canyon’s eBike Concept Meshes Car-Like Safety With A Bicycle’s Utility

While bicycles offer one of the most economical, and utilitarian modes of transportation, they admittedly afford little in the way of protection from the elements, storage, or comfort. Well aware of this reality, Germany’s Canyon Bicycles has set out to bridge the gap between bicycle and automobile, bestowing the pedal-powered two-wheeler with a fully-enclosed cabin, ample storage space, and a more comfortable rider’s quarters.

Dubbed the Canyon Future Mobility Concept — or “Podbike” — this single-passenger vehicle is comparable to a recumbent bicycle cloaked in streamliner-style bodywork. Still pedal-powered, the design allows for a markedly more comfortable commute, without sacrificing a traditional bicycle’s overall agility, ability to split lanes, and weave through urban traffic. There’s also a 2000Wh battery pack that provides some added power, with boosted speeds reaching a little over 35mph with a 90+ mile range. And, on top of providing protection from the weather, the fully-enclosed cabin also fortifies its pilot from vehicular collisions. Furthermore, the cockpit can be slid open to enjoy some fresh air on days when the weather permits it. Hand controls for steering and braking are cleverly integrated into the “door panels” while a smartphone dock is set at the driver’s feet, between the pedals.

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