Canvas Built An Absolutely Beautiful Hi-Fi Sound Bar

The world of high-fidelity audio runs as deep as you’d expect, but with new, innovative technologies being released by the day, the search for a perfectly-immersive sound system is harder than ever. Canvas’ recently announced OLED soundbar promises to make the search a bit easier for discerning connoisseurs, but there’s one glaring prerequisite: you have to own one of LG’s most recent 55-, or 65-inch televisions.

The Canvas itself is a novel idea, pairing one’s traditional home entertainment system with today’s evolving technologies. It removes the need for the bulky, burgeoning enclosures that take up valuable space in small living areas, envisioning an all-encompassing soundstage that’s privy to use as both a stand and immersive audio center. This intelligent device is comprised of two high-end bass/midrange speakers, two tweeters, and four amplifiers, creating an environment of “true Hi-Fi audio, with a stereo image of 10-12 feet from a product.” It also features a slew of connectivity enhancements, to include Spotify, Chromecast, Airplay 2, Bluetooth, and traditional HDMI. On the Canvas’ exterior, minimalist design elements allow the adaptive system to pair seamlessly with LG’s 55- and 65-inch televisions, fostering a flush appearance that’s nothing short of aesthetic. The genre-defining audiostand is available now via Canvas’ website for $999+.

Purchase: $999+