Cantilever No Mess Utensils

Sometimes a new product comes along that is a smack-yourself-in-the-forehead idea, meaning we can’t believe it hadn’t been brought to us sooner. Case in point, the Cantilever No Mess Utensils which simply redesign the typical flatware and cooking utensils by ensuring the pan-touching end floats about the surface the handle is resting on.

Cantilever’s No Mess Utensils simply use a different angle then typical flatware. So instead of your spatula touching the counter, it floats about it, providing a cleaner, more hygienic cooking utensil which eliminates the need for a spoon rest.¬†Cantilever currently has a spatula and a cooking spoon available for $14.95 each, as well as a set of flatware for $24.95. [Purchase]

Cantilever No Mess Utensils 2

Cantilever No Mess Utensils 3