Canoo Shows Of Its Modular 2021 EV Platform With A 500HP ‘Skatekart’

For the last few years, Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup, Canoo has been developing what it calls the “SKATEBOARD Platform,” a proprietary, highly-modular vehicle base slated to hit the market in 2021. Unlike regular production vehicles, Canoo’s wares will be available via a subscription service, aiming to replace the existing fleets of petrol-powered delivery and service vehicles. And, while the inaugural Canoo vehicle is meant to provide a basis for panel vans and industrial trucks, the California company has opted to show off the SKATEBOARD Platform’s performance prowess with a stripped-down concept called the “Skatekart.”

Consisting of the SKATEBOARD Platform, outfitted with a single-seat, driver controls, and a small roll-cage, the Skatekart gives a more detailed look at the platform Canoo’s vehicles will be constructed around. Using what’s touted as the “first true steer-by-wire” steering wheel setup, the platform features 161mm (6.3”) of ground clearance, a 2,850mm (112.2”) wheelbase, all-wheel-drive options for one or two of the EV’s in-hub motors, modular, floor-lined battery pack system ranging from 20 to 80kWh, up to 500 horsepower, a 300-mile range, frame overhangs with adjustable height and lengths, the option for 19” or 20” wheel sizes, and reportedly represents the flattest and lowest modular EV base platform in the industry.

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