Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer

In this day and age, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer. While the photographs we take live in perpetuity in the digital realm, invulnerable to fading and physical deterioration, very rarely do they make it into our physical spaces, onto our walls, tucked into our wallets and purses as keepsakes and mementos. Now, you can bring your virtual portfolio to life with the Canon IVY mini photo printer.

The IVY is built with Zero Ink, a unique feature which obviates the need for bulky ink cartridges, keeping the mini printer, well, mini. Able to turn your images into 2×3 inch prints, the IVY mini is the perfect way to bring your Instagrams to life. Forget tagging your friends online – literally tag them with a post-it note sized picture birthed straight from your phone into the real world. The gap between the cloud and the physical world can cheapen the value of an art form; reduce its effect, its meaning. The ease and displacement of purely digital photography allows us to catalogue everything, but remember nothing. And though it’s cheap – only $129.99 – the Canon IVY can help enrich your picture-taking – and your life. Bring sincerity and care back to your photographs, with the Canon IVY mini printer.

Purchase: $130