Canon 5DS 50-Megapixel Camera

So, a 50 megapixel camera. Does that sound like overkill? Of course it does. Do we still want one? You bet your DSLR we do.

And if the Canon rumor mill is right, we could soon see a 50-megapixel shooter from the Japanese imaging giant any day now, or more specifically, in the first quarter of 2015. Speculation says it’ll be a new 5Ds or belong to an entirely new series located between the 1D and 5D with a 50.6MP full-frame CMOS sensor. Perhaps we’ll get an official announcement at CP+, the big camera and photo imaging expo in Japan, which is just a couple of weeks away. Want more rumors? We’re hearing it’ll run around $4,000 and it’ll come in two variants, one with a low-pass filter and one without. Stay tuned.