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This Sleek Steering Wheel Concept Uses Intuitive Touch-Based Controls

Since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, the use of smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreens have become a normal part of everyday life, and the widespread ubiquity of these mobile gadgets have resulted in the swiping, tapping, and scrolling that controls these devices to become second nature to the majority of users. And this level of comfort and familiarity with this interface and control style is what convinced a Finnish automotive group to pen a futuristic steering wheel that implements smartphone-style controls.

Comprised of outfits like Canatu, Siili Auto, Northern Works, Rightware, and TactoTek, the consortium that collectively designed what they’re calling the “Origo Steering Wheel Concept,” was aiming to streamline user functionality and interfacing by utilizing the near-universally-understood concept of tap-and-swipe controlling, while simultaneously mitigating distractions on the road. Recipient of the 2021 German Design Award for “outstanding design quality,” Inspired by the shape of F1 steering wheels, the Origo sports a wildly tidy and uncluttered design that’s paired with a small full-color display that together makes up the bare necessities needed for piloting a vehicle and controlling an infotainment system. For more info on the project, you can watch the video or check out the link below.

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