Campfire Defender

When the night is done and the time comes to put out the fire, there’s no better option than the Campfire Defender blanket. Not only does it keep the hot coals and embers contained in the waning fire (thus preventing any unwelcome brush fires in the night) but keeps things prepped and ready to get things going come morning.

Each Campfire Defender safety system is made from military-grade fabric – boasting a combustion point of 3000°F – and is a patented system for making camping an easier and safer activity. The blanket’s pinwheel vent allows each user to control airflow into the firepit without spreading embers across the campsite. The practice extends the life of the coals by up to eight hours, naturally keeping them dry and hot as well. Convenience is everything when your outdoor exploration takes you further and further off the grid, helping you camp smarter not harder. It’s available now for $250. [Purchase]

Campfire Defender 2

Campfire Defender 1