Camp Adventure Park Observation Tower

Feb 21, 2018

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It is hard not to think of the High Line when looking at illustrations of architecture firm Effekt’s Camp Adventure Park Observation Tower. Opened in 2009, the repurposed elevated train line in Manhattan’s Lower West Side has been a major attraction for both tourists and locals. Simply by lifting one a few stories off the ground, the park offers a kind of reprieve from daily life by way of forcing a different perspective. It seems as if the goal of the Adventure Park Walkway is the same, but just in a different venue.

And by different – we’re talking about 3,800 miles Northeast different. Located not far outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, this prospective elevated walkway will start at ground level, and gently rise up off the ground as it reaches the old portion of the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest. After a little over half a mile, the trail reaches a nearly 150-foot tall tower and winds its way gradually to the top – providing visitors with an intimate look at every portion of the old forests’s canopy. Part of Camp Adventure – an existing facility complete with adventure sports and zip-lines – this new attraction will be accessible to both old and young.

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