Cambridge Audio Honors Its First Offering With 2 AIO Hi-Fi Streaming Amps

As the audio realm increasingly transitions from physical media to digital content and streaming, prestigious audio brands that have traditionally traded in the Hi-Fi space have been forced to pivot to embrace this new reality. One such outfit is Cambridge Audio, which has just unveiled a high-fidelity all-in-one streaming amp simply dubbed the “Evo.”

Penned by Ged Martin, the minimalistic Evo draws aesthetic inspiration from Cambridge Audio’s inaugural P40 amplifier and features genuine walnut trim panels that can be swapped out to suit a variety of settings, a knurled metal dual concentric dial, and a 6.8” color LCD display. Offered in 75-watt and 150-watt variants, both models are equipped with state-of-the-art Hypex NCore Class D amplification, a built-in Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Roon, and compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2 as well as regular Bluetooth. Both the Evo 75 and Evo 150 also sport HDMI ARC, RCA auxiliary, and optical and coaxial digital inputs. The 150-watt version also gets a phono input, USB DAC, XLR, and an additional digital input. Cambridge Audio’s Evo 75 and Evo 150 hi-fi all-in-one streaming amps are priced at approximately $2,475 and $3,090, respectively.

Purchase: $2,475+