Cambridge Audio Alva TT Bluetooth aptX HD Turntable

Vinyl — and, more specifically, turntables — have seen a major reemergence over the past few years. It’s been such a comeback that we’re not even sure we can call it retro technology anymore. That’s especially true when you consider new technologies built into new turntable releases, like those found in Cambridge Audio’s Alva TT.

Now, there’s a lot going on with this impressive release, so we’ll cut to the chase: this turntable is the world’s first hi-res wireless turntable, which can stream 24-bit/48kHz audio to your amp, speakers, and/or headphones. As if that’s not enough, it also still features a wired audio output, has a solid aluminum table mated to a vibration-resistant platter, and features a single-piece low-friction tonearm with an included high-output MC cartridge. That means all you have to do is link it up to your Bluetooth speaker system, pick a record, and get to listening. Pricing is set at $1,700 and it’s available in April.

Purchase: $1,700