Designer Ian Callum Reimagines The Eames Lounge Chair With Automotive Flair

Photo: Callum Designs

The Eames Lounge Chair is arguably the most iconic and perfect piece of furniture ever assembled. The mid-century modern masterpiece is pretty much the Holy Grail of chairs, and no stylish home is complete without one. We never thought its design could be improved upon, but automotive design legend Ian Callum is giving us second thoughts with his new lounge chair reimagining.

The first piece of furniture to come out of Callum Designs is a lounge chair that draws inspiration from the Eames but gives it a more contemporary supercar treatment. The hand-finished chair’s lines have been adjusted to become more sleek and fast looking, with Pantone color options for the upholstery and carbon fiber — an ever-present material on today’s supercars — replacing some of the traditional bent plywood finishing. Compared to the Eames Chair, the cushions on the Callum Designs Lounge Chair have been slimmed down to become tighter, the tufts have been axed, and dual channels of top-to-bottom minimalist vertical stitching has been added to create a more streamlined aesthetic. Callum hasn’t said how much their new lounge chair will cost, but interested parties can email for a quote.

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