Callaway C7 Corvette AeroWagon

Photos: Callaway

Almost a year ago now we got news that Callaway Cars, an auto shop with locations in Connecticut, California, and Germany, was taking pre-orders on converting Corvette’s into sexed up station wagons. Now that we’ve made another trip around the sun – we finally have some images of the Callaway C7 Corvette Shooting-Brake Conversion.

For as dramatic as the change may look, the process of making this conversion isn’t quite as world changing as one would expect. The shop simply switches out the back factory hatch for the shop’s own more rounded rear. Other than a slight reduction and drag coefficient and a whole lot more room for you groceries – the performance of the car isn’t changes all too dramatically. But that misses what is most important about this whole deal. With this conversion, you’ll look cooler than anyone else on the road. That, my friends, is what counts most in life. Now clean up your drool. Prices for the conversion start at just about $15,000. [Purchase]