Callaway AeroWagon C7 Corvette Stingray

Callaway Cars, the legendary engine design company known for its modification of Corvette sports cars, just announced that they’re taking orders for their C7 Corvette Shooting Brake conversion; the Callaway AeroWagon Corvette. And for those not familiar with the style, the shooting brake concept dates back to 19th century Britain as a build outfitted specifically for the English gentry to store their firearms for hunting excursions in the country.

The build is available for C7 Coupe models only and features an autoclaved, one piece, carbon fiber composite structure. All original functions and hardware are preserved. The back operates as a liftable hatch to access the rear and each model comes in optional body color paint to match schemes with several options. As of this posting, Callaway has not released any performance specs for the vehicle but we do know that Callaway plans to stick with two-door, two seating options for the build and does not have any plans yet to equip the AeroWagon with all wheel drive. Installations will begin in Q4 for Connecticut and California and each installation schedule is reserved by appointment. Pricing for the package hovers around $18,000. [Purchase]