Casa Caldera by Dust

Mar 1, 2017

Category: Living

If you tried to look for the Caldera House, you probably couldn’t find it. Located on the rim of an ancient Caldera nearly 180 miles southeast of Tuscon, Arizona, the stunning but simple home by architecture team Dust blends into the landscape seamlessly.

Built with scoria, an expressive material made from pulverized lava rock, this home almost completely blends into its surroundings. One has to walk within 20 or 30 feet of the home to recognize the large rocklike building, its pair of commanding metal doors, and slight windows. Once opened up, the doors reveal a large walkway that runs right through the middle of the home. Not only does this feature open the house to plenty of air, but it helps naturally ventilate its two bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, and bathroom. This is key given the remote location of the home requires it to be less reliant on electricity and more dependent on passive heating and cooling. It is rare to come across such a stoic and modern looking home so far out – but we sure are glad we stumbled across it.

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