Cake Rolls Out A Highly-Modular & Utilitarian Ultralight Electric Bike

Cake, the Swedish outfit behind the KALK e-bike has just released its latest fully-electric two-wheeled offering with the highly-utilitarian Ösa+. Unlike the performance-oriented KALK (and road-legal KALK+), the new model was engineered to be as versatile and modular as possible, enabling riders to tailor their Ösa+ however they see fit. The company is also offering a range of bolt-on accessories and racks for the new model to further bolster its multifaceted nature.

Constructed around an extruded, forged, machined, and welded 6061 aluminum frame that uses a clamp system to accept a myriad of different attachments and can literally act as a mobile workbench/station. The Ösa+ forgoes its off-road-focused predecessor’s top-shelf Öhlins forks in favor of more economical — albeit still inverted — items. The 14-inch wheels were designed and produced in house by Cake, and are laced up with 220mm discs bit by four-pot calipers front and back. At the heart of the wildly-adaptable runner is one of two power-specs; a 1.5kWh unit; and a 2.6kWh setup — the latter of which offers a range of 63-miles and can be fully recharged in three-hours via a standard 110/220V outlet. With a peak output of 10kW (7kW continuous), the larger of the two versions is reportedly capable of putting down an absolutely insane 111ft-lbs of torque. Weighing in at less than 145lbs, the Ösa+ is capable of a top speed north of 60mph (for the 2.6kWh-spec). The Ösa+ is priced at $8,000 and is expected to start shipping in the Spring of 2020.

Purchase: $8,000