Cake Kalk& Street Legal Electric Motorcycle

The last couple of years have been a veritable smorgasbord for electric motorcycle builders, and with a new iteration hitting the streets nearly every single day, the industry’s biggest players are being forced to reveal their own upgraded versions. Last year, Cake blessed the world with the original Kalk electric motorcycle — a powerful offering that was primed to dominate whatever terrain it faced — except for one gutwrenching caveat: the bike was not street-legal.

To remedy this, Cake has finally announced the production of the new Kalk&, a street-borne variant of their original all-electric motorcycle that has been tailored for life on the highway. The bike was reinvented from the ground up, combining an ultra-lightweight construction and industry-leading performance to ensure adequate representation on the blacktop. It retains its original enduro styling, while a number of small improvements to things like gearing, speed, and output push the bike into the realm of highway-viability. The Kalk&’s rolling chassis, suspension, and drivetrain were precisely updated to ensure optimal performance on a variety of terrain — providing the perfect solution for those who were chomping at the bit regarding the release of a street-ready electric moto. Additional details regarding the price and performance of the bike will be released sometime this March.

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