Ride Your Lines In Silence At 50+ MPH On The Kalk INK Electric Dirt Bike

There is something to be said for sneaking up on prey, even if that tasty morsel is a prime cut of an underutilized trail. With the belief that silence is golden, Cake is introducing the newest dirt bike to their growing lineup, and the Kalk Ink is a slimmed-down stalker, poised and ready to pounce on unsuspecting singletrack.

Based on the proven design of the original Kalk OR model, the Kalk Ink receives a more simplistic single-pivot linkless rear suspension with 8″ of travel, a robust set of spoked wheels, and a new set of blacked-out bodywork, which is where the Ink variant gets its name. The new model sees the established 11kW powertrain and 2.6kWh Li-ion battery that produces an astonishing 200 ft-lb of torque and propels the bike to speeds over 50mph while providing enough range to keep the party going for up to three hours. With pre-orders filling now for the $9,500 bike, the new Kalk Ink will be shipping worldwide later this year.

Purchase: $9,500