Cake’s Kalk AP Is A Rugged eBike Built To Combat African Wildlife Poaching

In December of last year, Swedish electric dirtbike manufacturer Cake announced its aim to produce a fleet of solar-charging ebikes to help combat wildlife poaching in Africa. And now, after several months of development and a number of strategic partnerships, the company has unveiled the end-result of this endeavor with the Kalk AP.

Short for “Anti-Poaching,” the AP-spec features Trifilon-made recycled fiber-reinforced biocomposite bodywork adorned in a green and gold livery, mounting bars for rear luggage, and a detachable projector LED headlight. Riding on new 18” rims, the AP-spec sports upgraded seals for better durability, and a spring-dampened fork and a progressive rear shock setup that’s been selected for its reduced maintenance needs and better durability. Furthermore, the drivetrain software’s been tweaked to yield greater torque and additional ride modes now afford a higher top speed. On top of collaborating with the Southern African Wildlife College, Cake’s also tapped Goal Zero to produce a power station and solar panels that can fully-charge the Kalk AP. With an initial run planned of 50 units, Cake is selling the AP as a $32,000 bundle that includes two of the dirtbikes and a solar charging system, though is also available at a charity price of $25,000.

Purchase: $32,000