Cageless Water Bottle by Fabric

If you’re one of those hardcore cycling enthusiasts who will do anything to shave microseconds off of your time, then we’ve got a product for you. The cageless water bottle by British design company Fabric will slightly lighten your load.

Instead of a cage and bottle, Cageless utilizes a BPA-free 600-mL bottle with built-in clips that hold it in place, and a pair of plastic studs that are mounted onto the bike’s existing cage bosses. The bottle’s clips lock in with the bike’s stud, giving users a simple water bottle solution for their bike. The studs weigh just 1.5 g each, which is lighter than any typical cage. One of the benefits is that time trailists won’t have to remove their bike cages before every race and remount it afterwards. Of course, using this system means that users will have to solely use Fabric’s own bottles. The system will be available in September for $20.

Cageless Water Bottle by Fabric 1

Cageless Water Bottle by Fabric 2

Cageless Water Bottle by Fabric 3