Cadillac’s All-Electric LYRIQ Is A Catalyst For The Brands Future Technologies

Like many of today’s conceptual, next-gen vehicles, Cadillac’s LYRIQ has been extensively teased over the course of the year. Now, the brand has finally revealed the all-electric vehicle in all of its road-faring glory, imparting futuristic design elements and cutting-edge technologies for a more modular approach to the automotive market.

At this point, the LYRIQ has taken on its role as a show-stopping catalyst for Cadillac’s future vehicles, promoting ultra-fast DC charging systems, rear-wheel, and all-wheel-drive configurations, and a sleek, eye-catching silhouette that looks like it was pulled straight from a luxury magazine. But don’t let the SUV’s proper aesthetic fool you, it’s still a performance-focused example with more than enough power for the lead-footed. It’s powered by the brand’s Ultium propulsion system — an integrated structural element that utilizes the vehicle’s chassis for unparalleled weight distribution and responsiveness. Instantaneous torque and an expected range of 300 miles aside, the LYRIQ also introduces quality-of-life features like hands-free Super Cruise, an augmented reality heads-up display, and rich AKG Studio speakers for the audiophilic. For now, the LYRIQ has been marketed as a “show car” to illustrate Cadillac’s upcoming technologies. Head to the company’s website for more information.

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