Cabot’s Diablo Damascus Is A Unique 1911 By A Master Metal Artist

Cabot Guns specializes in making some of the rarest handguns on the planet, including some out-of-this-world examples that include actual pieces of a meteorite. They’re back to shake up the firearms playing field once again with the drop-dead gorgeous Cabot Guns Diablo Damascus 1911 Pistol.

This 1911 handgun was built using hand-forged Damascus steel by master metal artist and blacksmith Jason Morrissey. Applying his knowledge of cane glass blowing techniques, as well as acid etching, forging, and welding, Morrissey was able to craft a truly unique firearm. The pistol is inspired by the legend of Robert Johnson, which tells the tale of a man who made a pact with the devil to gain the skills to play the guitar as nobody else could. Morrissey changed the game with his superb work with this handgun, as Johnson did with his Blues music. As with all of Cabot Guns’ pieces, this pistol is hand-finished to function without fail. Unfortunately, this one-of-one mythical masterpiece is no longer available, but we won’t blame you for drooling over it.

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