Cabin Vindheim

Mar 30, 2016

Category: Living

One of the criteria with which you can evaluate a building is how well it works with its surrounding environment. Tastes vary – obviously – but generally speaking if you put some glass and metal structure in the middle of a craftsman neighborhood, the reaction you’ll inspire might be something akin to revulsion. Contrast doesn’t always work. Then again, as Cabin Vindheim would seem to suggest, sometimes it does.

Designed by Vardehaugen, an architectural firm based in Norway’s capital, this cabin’s dark exterior and steep roofline make it stand out from the alpine landscape outside of Lillehammer. Strong enough to support sledders and skiers – the roofs gables extend all the way down to the ground, making it so from some angles the house blends in totally with the snowfall. Despite being just under 600 square feet – the cabin’s large windows and flip up roof provide for a spacious and open feel. Can it be winter again?

Cabin Vindehiemm 5

Cabin Vindehiemm 3

Cabin Vindehiemm 6

Cabin Vindehiemm 4

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