Cabin Rones By Sanden + Hodnekvam

Apr 1, 2019

Category: Living

The breadth of Norway’s illustrious cabin culture is undeniably large — spanning the country’s fjord-strewn landscapes, rocky hillsides, and lush green forests. As with its kin, Sanden + Hodnekvam’s Cabin Rones seeks not only to provide a warm, confined living space for its denizens, but also, to leave a respectful footprint in its stead.

The minimalist 500 square-foot cabin is aptly named — situated on a sloped decline nearly 150 kilometers outside of Trondheim, the Rones prioritizes pronounced views of the dark fjord below. An exposed brick facade battles the mountainside’s rough winds while a multi-tier, three-level living area negotiates different types of terrain. Norweigan pine cross members make up the primary skeleton of the home, working alongside locally sourced birch furniture and large, all-encompassing windows that offer panoramic views of the area. Untreated copper details age and grow more beautiful with the passing years — a product of the home’s exposure to Norway’s blistering cold, its moist seasons, and mesmerizing summers.

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