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Cabin Knapphullet by Lund Hagem

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Feb 4, 2016

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Have you ever gone on a long hike, and at some beautiful point thought – “I should move here”? By the looks of it, someone at the Norwegian architectural firm Lund Hagem did just that, and then followed through with the Cabin Knapphullet.

At a site originally home to a couple of small sheds in Sandefjord on the southeast coast of Norway, the designers at Lund Hagem found a way to seamlessly combine glass, cement, and natural rock. The materials that the firm used in building the cabin are relatively simple, a white-concrete roof shaped like a bridge spanning across the rocky landscape, floor to ceiling glass windows, and wood. The entire building is designed with the environment around them in mind – as Lund Hagem put it when describing the cabin, it’s in dialogue with the vegetation and natural rock formations. Take a tour below. [Via: Dezeen]

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 2

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 3

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 4

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 5

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 6

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 7

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 8

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 9

Norwegian Cabin by Lund Hagem 10

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