The Commodore 64 Retro Gaming Console Is Back & Better Than Ever

Long before video game consoles were commonplace, a few scrappy manufacturers helmed the movement that brought arcade-style gaming into the comfort of our homes. And one such company, Commodore Business Machines (CBM), struck gold with their Commodore 64 — which is now listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the single bestselling single computer model of all time. And now that revolutionary gaming machine is returning, albeit with modern upgrades, courtesy of Retro Games.

The C64 MicroComputer is, at least in appearance and size, an exact replica of that original home computer — including a fully-functional keyboard and an updated version of its iconic joystick. But that’s where this one departs from its predecessor — in some very good ways — as it also comes pre-loaded with 64 classic games and two brand-new releases, has HDMI output for crisp visuals, and comes with a trio of switchable emulation modes. You can even load up your own games and save files via a built-in USB port, giving you more gaming freedom than ever before. Pre-order it today for $140.

Purchase: $140