The C4 Portable Grill

Some of the best campsites don’t actually have a very friendly setup. No picnic table, no outhouse, and no grill. If you are like us, not having the latter of those three is the most frustrating. This, in part, is why we love the M Grills’ C4 Portable Grill.

This small ammo canister made by the Mesquite, Texas based grilling company is built to be as portable as it is durable. Machined from 12 gauge steel and featuring a solid, rust-proof 304 stainless steel handle it is engineered to grill up multiple summers worth of burgers and hot dogs. Whether you’re looking to head out on a fishing trip, to a tailgate party, or out into the woods for an overnight camping trip – the 13.5 by 7.5-inch ammo can is easy to bring along. Feeling more cold than hungry? Just remove the cooking surface on the can and throw in some logs and you have yourself a small, contained campfire.

Purchase: $120