C Seed’s $400K ‘M1’ Is The World’s First-Ever 165-Inch Folding MicroLED TV

Austrian-based C Seed is a brand that traffics in excess, for just when you think they’ve revolutionized the electronics industry with a groundbreaking screen size or an innovative new design, they redouble their efforts and manage to come out with something that’s even more outrageous. Just take a look at their latest offering.

They’re calling it the ‘M1,’ and it’s the world’s first-ever 165″ folding 4k MicroLED TV. Stored beneath the floor alongside its aluminum-block base, it rises upwards at the push of a button, first taking form of a single column and then unfolding to reach its full dimensions. And while that itself is a sight to behold, this isn’t just some ostentatious party trick; it’s also a respectable performer in its own right. For instance, thanks to its MicroLED technology, it offers incredible optical quality, with unprecedented color accuracy and an exceptionally vibrant dynamic range. And when it comes to the audio, C Seed has fitted a pair of 250W broadband speakers and a 700W subwoofer, a combination that ensures an immersive home viewing experience. Available in four different finishes, it could be yours for $400,000.

Purchase: $400,000