C Seed 262-Inch 4K TV

As streaming at home has become increasingly common, some have begun to wonder whether people will continue to go to the theater to catch films. Personally, we’ve never doubted that theaters would endure. Or at least we didn’t before we came across the C Seed 262-inch 4K TV.

Measuring in at 262 inches diagonally, this behemoth is the largest 4K television in the world. More than just a gigantic screen, the TV comes with ten integrated speakers and an optional 7.1 or 9.1 cinema surround environment. To make sure that users of the C Seed 262 never go without high definition content, the team behind this record setting piece of equipment built in an integrated 4K media server right into the console. Not interested in having a gigantic blank slab taking up your living space? Don’t worry – a remote operated fabric cover can fold down over it with the touch of a button. Now all you have to do for a movie night is bring the popcorn.

Purchase: $540,000