Up Your Training Game With This Auto-Adjusting AI-Assisted Knee Brace

Knee injuries are incredibly common among athletes, and they can be difficult to prevent. But one tech startup has come up with a way to provide proper knee care to every individual with an intelligent knee brace that automatically adjusts to give you the support you need based on your activity.

The E-Knee from C-EXO is an intelligent knee brace that utilizes AI and a system of micro-compressors and airbags to increase or decrease pressure as needed. At the heart of the device is the ARM chip-equipped control box, which connects magnetically to the E-Knee and charges separately through wireless charging or USB-A. When you’re working out, the brace’s gyroscope detects the motion of your knee and allows for E-Knee to automatically and rapidly give your knee the proper support when and where you need it by inflating or deflating its airbags accordingly based on your level of exercise. Since it’s controlled autonomously, you’re always getting the correct fit and support for your knee, allowing for an increase in blood flow, a decrease in pain, and a reduction of strain on the knee. And the best part? You’ll look like a cool cyborg while using it. The E-Knee is funding now on Kickstarter, with a minimum contribution of $129 required to get the brace.

Kickstarter: $129+