Byton K-Byte Self-Driving Electric Concept Sedan

With Porsche purchasing a 10% stake in Rimca Electric Vehicles, Ferrari quietly testing electric vehicles in Italy, and Teslas lighting up the roads – sometimes literally – it’s no secret that Electric cars are on the up-and-up. Now, a relative newcomer, Byton, is showcasing its K-Byte Concept Electric Sedan, and it’s electrifying the auto-world.

The second concept they’ve debuted in the last year, the Byton K-Byte is a bite-sized version of their Electric SUV concept, with a special feature that separates it from the charging pack: it’s fully autonomous. The auto-auto boasts incredible technology to authorize its autonomy. Sensors called LiGuards are buried beneath side-mirrors, emerging only when self-driving mode is activated to help the vehicle sense the road ahead. LiBow sensors on the front and rear of the K-Byte contribute to the car’s spatial awareness, too. You might have noticed the “Li” prefix – it references LIDAR, the pulsating-laser technology that the sensational features use to track distances. Though the perceptual faculties are all there, the brains behind the car have yet to be fleshed out. Byton has stressed that the K-Byte is purely conceptual, and not a preproduction design. Still, the brilliant design offers hope for a bright electric future.

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