This 505HP BvS Replica Batmobile Is The Perfect Ride For Vigilante Drivers

The original Batmobile is certainly iconic, but whether you’re a fan of the age-old Lincoln Futura or the series’ more contemporary variants, the rare nature of the caped crusader’s crime-fighting car has made it one of the world’s most sought-after platforms. But, if you’ve been looking to get your hands on your own vigilante vehicle, you’re in luck; FastBoomPro has just revealed their very own iteration, and it’s up for sale on Russia’s

This bespoke replica is certainly a homage to the series’ most coveted machines. It garners distinct inspiration from the 2016 film, Batman vs. Superman, and comes with armored windows, automatic doors, and a detachable steering wheel. But it wouldn’t be a true Batmobile without a few crime-fighting components. Inside, you’ll find a thermal imaging camera with 255x zoom, night vision capabilities, and a set of fake machine guns to keep everything kosher. If being a reckless vigilante isn’t really your style, rest assured; the 502-horsepower machine is outfitted with a handful of modern upgrades, including Alcantara leather, Bluetooth, climate control, and satellite navigation to keep you on-route to your destination. If you’re looking to own a significant piece of pop culture, head to, where the BvS Batmobile is being sold for around $850,000.

Purchase: $850,000