Butterfly Prime Amicus Table Tennis Robot

Contrary to several famous sci-fi movies, robots haven’t taken over the world. In fact, they’re helping us evolve and improve our skills. Take Butterfly’s Amicus Prime Table Tennis Robot for example, which is a machine that allows you to elevate your ping pong game to Forrest Gump’s level.

The Prime Amicus is controlled through an app, coming with 20 pre-programmed drills created by former international table tennis player Richard Prause. It spits out 120 balls per minute where spin, speed, and trajectory vary to give you challenging ping pong sessions. You can link several drills together or even modify pre-existing drills to customize your experience. The robot uses ‘Cluster Memory’ so sequences run randomly or one after the other based on your preference. You’re able to interact with the robot with any iOS or Android device.

Purchase: $2,200