Bush Pilot Survival Kit

Despite what you may have read or seen on television, survival kits aren’t just for dooms-dayers and your paranoid uncle Chuck. They are an integral part of any outdoorsman or adventure-minded individual’s gear carry. And what better addition to any survivalist’s kit than a Chiappa lever-action rifle? Well, thanks to Skinner Sights, you’ll attain expert survival status with their new Bush Pilot Survival Kit.

To be specific, every kit comes equipped with a Chiappa .44 Magnum lever-action rifle, a takedown model for the purpose of easier storage. It features precision sighting in the rear with interchangeable apertures, while the front sight is fiber optic. The firearm weighs in at 5 1/2 pounds, features a walnut stock, and a 16” stainless steel octagonal barrel with 6+1 capacity. The kit also comes with a 7.2-inch carbon steel black powder coated blade, Titan waterproof matches, U.S Government issues Doan magnesium fire starter, Ration brand head and cooking stove, a polyester film space blanket tube tent large enough for two adults, a TruArc 3 flat scouting compass, and 50-feet of Mil. Spec. 750 Parachute cord. The kit retails around $1,800 [Purchase]

Bush Pilot Survival Kit 1

Bush Pilot Survival Kit 2