Burton Step On Boot Bindings

For a long time, step-in snowboard bindings have been considered a kind of novelty. Sure, they offered a bit more convenience than conventional strap-ins, but they just fell short when it comes to security and performance. In one fell swoop, Burton’s Step On Boot System has upended that dynamic.

Far from being a gimmick whipped-up for this year’s season, these bindings are the result of a five-year long effort on behalf of Burton’s R&D team. The way it works is simple. The boots have three connection points, two at the toe, and one at the heel. All a rider needs to do is make sure the release lever is in a downward position, and then step in heel-first. Once the cleat on the heel attaches into the binding, the cleats on the side of the foot will follow-suit and snap into place. Those three points of contact make it so the board remains responsive and well connected through all types of riding. The bindings will be in-stock on November 2nd of 2017.

Purchase: $250