Burton Retro Collection

Burton has been a force to be reckoned with on the slopes for quite a while — since 1977 to be exact — which means they have a pretty good understanding of what it was like to be a snowboarder in the ‘90s. Their most recent endeavor comes in the form of the Retro Collection, a colorful, nostalgic, and inherently glorious debut that integrates some of the decade’s most popular trends, crafted and refined by the world’s first snowboard manufacturing company.

The throwback collection has everything you need to relieve some of the greatest days of snowboarding — from jackets, gloves, and miscellaneous outerwear, all the way to snowboards and bindings. The majority of the items in the collection utilize a Tahoe, Grapeseed, and True Black colorway that stays true to the outlandish palette of the period. But the aesthetics of the collection aren’t the only thing to write home about — Burton’s storied past in outerwear has ensured that each piece is made with the highest quality Living Lining that’s been mapped with 40% recyclable content, THERMOLITE insulation, and Blocked Printed Taffeta. The silhouettes will feature fully taped seams, a tested resistance to the elements, and an ergonomic water repellant “magic” stitching that’s been utilized in some of Burton’s most rugged outdoor gear.

Purchase: $14+